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bamix® ONE

Stylish and energetic support in your kitchen. The powerful M160 ONE model ensures effortless mixing, mashing and chopping with perfect results that will delight you.

Technical data:

  • 160 W heavy-duty AC motor
  • Double insulation
  • Twin switch for two speed settings:
    • Step 1 10,000 rpm
    • Step 2 15,000 rpm
€129.00 (incl. VAT)
Delivery time 5 to 7 business days

Simply homemade with bamix®

Homemade is simply the best. With the powerful kitchen aid from bamix®, cooking is now even more fun. Powerful and efficient in the mashing of vegetables or cooked meat for soups and sauces, the chopping of fresh and frozen fruits and berries for desserts, the puréeing of jam or of tasty fruit ice cream and sorbets. Healthy and freshly prepared baby food is always a success. The bamix® even effortlessly chops up ice cubes for cold drinks and cocktails with the multi-purpose blade.

Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

The bamix® promise provides a lifetime guarantee for the bamix® motor. 100% Made in Switzerland underlines the outstanding quality as well as years of durability. bamix® lives and promotes the idea of sustainability.

The all-in-one kitchen appliance

The bamix® is the smallest, most efficient and versatile food processor in the world. Thanks to the wide range of bamix® accessories, the bamix® is multifunctional. Crushing, chopping, mashing, whipping, grinding, pulverising and grating is no problem at all for the bamix®.

The durable, robust, "Made in Switzerland" AC motor ensures perfect functioning and a powerful performance. The ergonomic handle sits comfortably in the hand and is operated with two speed setting buttons. The unique anti-spatter design makes our bamix® stand out clearly from other products. Perfect cooking results are achieved quickly and cleanly. Simple, fresh and healthy. Just as easy to clean as it is to operate - the bamix® is cleaned in seconds and ready for use again.

The lifetime engine warranty:

We love sustainable! That is why we have been developing and producing hand blenders of the highest quality in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland for decades. Due to our high quality standard, we give you a lifetime warranty on your bamix® motor.



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