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bamix® cordless

Independent and flexible as never before

bamix® cordless – the cordless kitchen revolution that provides unprecedented flexibility in the kitchen. With its super-strong battery, the bamix® cordless is also at home in outdoor kitchens and even when barbecuing, hiking and camping. More flexibility just isn’t possible.

€329.00 (incl. VAT)
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The bamix® cordless increases the mobility of the entire bamix® family and supports the familiar attachments, blade variants and other accessories. The world's smallest mobile all-in-one kitchen appliance ensures effortless mixing, chopping, emulsifying, grating and pulverising. Enjoy a unique bamix® experience when preparing your favourite dishes with the new bamix® cordless. Whether soups, smoothies or sauces - your bamix® will support you!

Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

The bamix® promise provides a lifetime guarantee for the bamix® motor. 100% Made in Switzerland underlines the outstanding quality as well as years of durability. bamix® lives and promotes the idea of sustainability.

The all-in-one kitchen appliance

The bamix® is the smallest, most efficient and versatile food processor in the world. Thanks to the wide range of bamix® accessories, the bamix® is multifunctional. Crushing, chopping, mashing, whipping, grinding, pulverising and grating is no problem at all for the bamix®.
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