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Why bamix®?

The bamix® concept is based on a small number of simple to handle attachments:

  • bamix® wand mixer with a performance of up to 200 W and to 17,000 rpm.
  • bamix® stand for storing all parts of the machine.
  • Multi-purpose blade for chopping, pureeing and mixing all hard and heavy ingredients.
  • Beater for all light and frothy food things such as whipped cream, egg white, milk shakes, etc.
  • Whisk whisks salad dressings, emulsifies mayonnaise, stirs light dough, creams mashed potatoes and much more besides.
  • Meat and vegetable mincer minces meat, fish and vegetables with coarse fibres.
  • Processor grinds cereals, herbs, spices, refines coffee and sugar, grates cheese and does much more besides.

bamix® – the wand mixer, which thanks to its versatility, replaces a food processor.

The versatility of bamix® knows no limits. It can be used in a small glass as well as in a large and hot pan on the stove. Thanks to its double-insulated watertight housing, it can be immersed right up to the handle.

Its unmistakable and anatomically optimised design makes the  bamix® very easy to handle and to operate with the tip of your finger. The attachments can be easily interchanged.

It is so simple to clean the bamix® – just hold it under hot running water. That's all! No doubt this is one of the biggest advantages of bamix®.

Placed into the bamix® stand on the worktop, the bamix® wand is always at hand and requires very little space.

The first-class Swiss quality makes bamix® a problem-free and long-lasting aid in your kitchen. All attachments are in stainless steel and can be supplied on request. The motor, which was specifically developed for bamix®, is produced in our factory in Switzerland.

Where it can be used
At home or on holiday. However, it is also used by professional chefs in restaurants and in kitchens in hospitals and care homes.

bamix®, simply brilliant
With the bamix® you can save time and money. The preparation of the food becomes simple and easy. This is why bamix® will be the most used appliance in your kitchen. You can use bamix® every day – from morning until night.

Repair service
Nowadays most wand mixers are cheap, throwaway products – bamix® is  not! Many of our appliances have been in use for more than 30 years – and they can still be repaired.

bamix® offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the bamix® motor. The background for that is that bamix® is 100 % Swiss made and 100 % Swiss quality.*

*Production date after 01/2020

Working with bamix®

The speed

As a general rule, always work on speed setting number 2, especially when working with hard kinds of food and large amounts.

Work using speed setting number 1 if the liquid does not entirely cover the safety guard (with the 4 prongs) and also for all food that has to be light and fluffy, such as whipped cream, fruit foam, etc.

Drawing up

Rest the bamix® for a few seconds on the bottom of the jug. Then hold it at an angle and draw it up slowly against the side of the jug. When the ingredients no longer are drawn with the bamix®, put it back on the bottom and repeat the process until the ingredients are whipped to the required stiffness.

Wrist movement

While processing, use a light rotating motion from the wrist, draw the bamix® up a little and let it fall on the ingredients (do not press or pound). The fineness of the result depends on the duration of the processing. 

Tip: Cover the jug with your free hand to avoid spilling.


Dip the bamix® at an angle in the ingredients, switch it on and stir very slowly (remember: the high speed does the actual  mixing job). Before taking the bamix® out, switch off the appliance to avoid splashes.

FAQ – Application tips and frequently asked questions

Mostly this happens because sticky foods like egg, sugar or honey have been processed.

The best thing to do is to let the appliance and the attachment you have been working with run in warm dishwater for a moment. The housing may get wet, but the cable outlet and the power buttons must remain dry. Clean the lower part of the appliance under running water after each use.

Always unplug before removing the attachment!

Then please take a pair of pliers and carefully press the spring blade of the attachment slightly inwards (please always press together over the axle).

Please do not press together too firmly; otherwise, you will not be able to mount the attachment!

Your bamix® will stay "fit" longer if you oil it every few months. Use normal cooking oil (not olive oil) for this. Hold the appliance with the cutter guard (with the four feet) facing upwards and apply a few drops of oil to the drive shaft. Switch the appliance on for about 2 minutes. Then clean the drive shaft in hot water.

This can be due to dried food residue in the cutter guard. Place the bamix® drive shaft in hot water with a little dishwashing liquid for a few minutes. This may be enough to loosen the food residue. Let the bamix® run in water for a few seconds. Remove the plug from the mains! Then put 2-3 drops of oil on the drive shaft, normal cooking oil (no olive oil). Let the appliance run for 2 minutes. Clean the drive shaft in hot water.

You can use a wide screwdriver to try to loosen the attachment. It is best to soak the attachment for a few minutes in hot water with dishwashing liquid and let the bamix® run in the water for a moment. Please disconnect the mains plug before removing the attachment. Always unplug before removing the attachment!

It could happen that the openings of the attachments widen a little with frequent use. In this case, you can carefully squeeze the opening with pliers so that the multi-purpose blade holds onto the drive shaft again as usual.

Chops and purées raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, berries, baby food, cooked meat, frozen fruit for fruit sorbet, jam and even ice cubes. Blends soups and sauces. Stirs cake and crepe batter. For all heavy things.

Whips, fluffs, emulsifies egg whites and cream (always on level 1). Used to whisk soups and sauces if you want a foamy consistency. For everything that needs to be foamy and airy.

Stirs and mixes shakes, drinks, purée, mashed potatoes, salad dressings, mayonnaise, frappés. For all creamy or viscous things; the whisk is an emulsifier.

Cuts, minces, chops meat or fish (cooked and uncooked) as well as hard fibrous vegetables. Only process types of meat that have no bones or tendons. Cut the meat, fish or vegetables into cube-sized pieces of approx. 1 cm and place them in a container. Not more than 500 g.

Push the attachment as straight as possible onto the shaft so that the drive pin engages in the recess on the attachment. The attachment is removed by simply pulling it out.

Attention: if you change the attachments, always unplug for safety reasons.

Level 1 is used for the processing of light foods and for small quantities. Level 2 is used for the processing of hard foods and for large quantities.

Dip the bamix® into the centre of the ingredients, then switch it on: the cutter guard will draw the liquid up underneath! Purée to the desired degree.

Switch the bamix® on first, then dip it into the ingredients. Chop to the desired degree with quick up and down movements.

When processing hard foods such as nuts, cheese, chocolate, sugar etc., always shake the processor while working. Dry herbs first and grind them at short intervals.

If plastic parts are discoloured by carrots or herbs, take a kitchen paper with some cooking oil and wipe off the discolouration. Then clean the SliceSy® cup with dishwashing liquid; DO NOT put the processor in the dishwasher.

You can work in any receptacle, even in a pan on the hob. Narrow and tall receptacles are best.

Level 1 for cream, egg whites and mashed potatoes. First let it run on the bottom for 10-15 seconds, then tilt the bamix® and slowly pull it up until the desired consistency is achieved.

As soon as the work is finished, immediately immerse in a container of water (dishwashing liquid) and let it run for 30 seconds. Then unplug the appliance and remove the attachment. Caution: never tap the appliance against the rim of the pot or cup. Always tap it against your hand.

Cooked, raw or frozen fruit, meat and vegetables, nuts, legumes or cheese. The high speed makes the bamix® ideal for diet and molecular cuisine. Even cosmetic facial masks can be produced with the bamix®.

Grind sugar, cereals or spices (coffee, nutmeg) into powder; process nuts or seeds into flour or butter; chop ice, ginger or herbs; make seasoning salts or pastes.

Grate or slice vegetables and fruit; chop raw meat, fish, nuts or vegetables.

Make sure that the receptacle is clean: even the smallest amounts of grease or soap can make it impossible to beat the egg whites. Pay attention to the minimum filling quantity: the dome of the cutter guard must be half-covered. Fill up with hot water, if necessary. Fill the egg whites into a tall, narrow receptacle. Attach the beater, immerse the cutter guard, switch on the bamix® at level 1. After 3 seconds, tilt the bamix® slightly (45°) and pull it up very slowly. When the maximum volume has been reached, move the bamix® up and down until the egg whites become compact. This happens very quickly so pay close attention!

Take the cream out of the fridge and pour it into a high receptacle. Observe the minimum filling quantity: the dome of the cutter guard must be half-covered. Attach the beater, immerse the cutter guard, switch on the bamix® at level 1. After 3 seconds, tilt slightly (45°) and slowly pull up. When the maximum volume is reached, move the bamix® up and down until the whipped cream becomes compact.

For the diet cream you need frozen, low-fat milk (max. 0.5% fat). Take the frozen milk out of the freezer and fill it into a high receptacle. Attach the beater, immerse the cutter guard, switch the bamix® on at level 1. After 3 seconds, tilt slightly (45°) and slowly pull up. When the maximum volume is reached, move the bamix® up and down until the whipped cream becomes compact.

Fill the processor/mill up to 2/3 with nuts. Fit the bamix® onto the processor/mill, operate the bamix® at level 2 with one hand and hold the container with the other hand and move it up and down so that the nuts do not stick to the edge of the container. Grind to the desired degree.

Process the nuts into flour in the processor/mill (see above). Then continue grinding without moving the processor/mill and process into butter.

Put the frozen fruit in a high receptacle. However, the layer should not be higher than 8 cm. Add a liquid of your choice, 1/5 of the amount of frozen fruit. Sweeten to taste. Switch the bamix® on at level 2 before the cutter guard comes into contact with the frozen fruit. Chop the fruit with quick up and down movements, without pressing down. Mix everything well. Serve immediately or freeze for later use. Tip: do not press the bamix® down too hard; otherwise, the blade cannot rotate freely.

To prevent the attachments from scratching your dishes, the cutter guard is equipped with 4 feet. This also means that small pieces that are out of reach cannot be puréed.

For crushed ice, it is best to use dry ice from the freezer; wet ice tends to stick together. Switch on the bamix® to level 2 before the cutter guard comes into contact with the ice. Chop the ice with quick up and down movements, without pressing down. Use immediately.

Note: the ice can also be chopped up in the bamix® processor/mill.

Heat the milk. Attach the beater and hold it close to the surface. Switch on at level 1. Froth and serve immediately.

Only with the bamix® can you purée soups and hot sauces directly in the pan because the bamix® does not splash! Even larger quantities can be easily and efficiently processed into the perfect soup - and all with little effort.

After adding cream, heat the soup/sauce again. Attach the beater and keep it close to the surface. Switch on at level 1. Froth, serve immediately.

For the mayonnaise, always use fresh eggs. All ingredients must be at the same temperature. It works best with eggs at room temperature. Always add an acidic ingredient (e.g. lemon juice, vinegar) - this helps to emulsify. For the volume of egg, always use at least four times the amount of oil, although each egg needs different amounts of oil to compensate for its own amount of water. For mayonnaise you need less than 20 seconds, so don’t rush. Place all the ingredients in a receptacle, attach the whisk, immerse the cutter guard and switch on the bamix® at level 1. Wait a few seconds, then tilt slightly (45°) and pull up slowly. Mix 2-3 times. If stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator at a maximum of +4°C, the mayonnaise will keep for up to 5 days. The addition of other ingredients significantly reduces the length of time the mayonnaise will stay good: possibly 1-3 days. Tip: if you want to give the mayonnaise a special taste (herbs or vegetables), make a classic mayonnaise and then flavour only the required amount with the desired ingredients. Make sure that you use a clean and dry container.

Can I use olive oil for a mayonnaise? Yes, but the olive oil adds a bitter aftertaste to the mayonnaise. If you want an olive mayonnaise, add a tablespoon of olive oil at the end.

Puréeing cooked or raw fruit/vegetables is completely effortless with the bamix®. Clean the vegetables, cut them into 2 cm pieces and place them in the mug. Attach the multi-purpose blade, switch on the bamix® at level 2 before the cutter guard comes into contact with the food. With quick up and down movements and without pressing down - this is how fruit/vegetables are puréed perfectly and with little effort.

Immediately after use, immerse in a container of water and run the motor. Wipe with a cloth and dry. Hold under running water, wipe with a cloth and dry. For stubborn food residue, the easiest way to clean the bamix® is to run it in a container with hot water. Avoid letting the switch come into contact with water.

The best way to store your bamix® is in one of our wall holders or in a stand. This will keep your bamix® upright and ready to hand. Of course it can also be stored in a drawer to save space.

Soak a piece of kitchen paper in oil and rub the stains off. It is important to clean immediately after use. Dried-on stains tend to stick.

Basically, the bamix® is perfect for working directly in a pan or in pots without scratching. In order to completely avoid scratches on the dishes, the drive pin on the drive shaft must be fully inserted into the notch of the attachment. In this way, the attachments no longer extend beyond the feet of the cutter guard and cannot scratch the dishes. Do not drive/press the feet of the cutter guard directly against the bottom or walls of the receptacle. More sensitive coatings can be scratched in this way. Do not use receptacles with inward curved bases.

The bamix® can be used in any type of dishware because if the attachments fit correctly, the dishware will not be scratched. To achieve optimum results with the whisk and beater, choose tall, narrow receptacles! Be careful with glass receptacles.

It could happen that the attachments are no longer sitting firmly enough on the drive shaft. In this case, use pliers to press the spring blade slightly inwards. If the opposite is the case, use pliers to widen the spring blade slightly.

If the bamix® has not been used for a period of time, the drive shaft may get stuck because barely visible, tiny food residues have hardened and the shaft is jammed. Place the operative part in a container with hot water for 5-10 minutes. Then switch the appliance on - it is usually ready for use again. If this does not have any effect, simply repeat the procedure. Then put 2-3 drops of oil on the drive shaft, normal cooking oil (no olive oil). Let the appliance run for 2 minutes.

The mugs are dishwasher-safe, as well as all parts in the SliceSy® except the lid (gear top) and the large chopping blade. All bamix® accessories are easily washable.

It is best to clean the lid (gear top) and the large chopping blade with a damp cloth. Never put them in the dishwasher or soak them in dishwashing liquid. All other parts are dishwasher-safe.

This basically depends on how often you use the bamix® and which accessories you use. You should choose your favourite colour and the corresponding accessories. The bamix® with a power output of 180 W and higher drives the SliceSy® perfectly and is fun to use.

Basically yes, but the bamix® with an output of 180 W and higher drives the SliceSy® perfectly, is fun to use and you avoid overloading the motor of the bamix®.

Basically yes, but the bamix® with an output of 140 W and higher drives the bamix® processor/mill perfectly and is fun to use.

If an attachment is lost, simply order a new one at

Avoid chopping ice cubes as this could cause the chopping blade to dull more quickly. Should it become duller, you can have it sharpened.

The blade is only lightly sharpened and cannot really get dull because it is not honed and merely functions as a beater.

Shaking is the secret, so it mixes well and you get a great result.

This is unfortunate, but you can reorder and replace the blade of the mill. For the processor, you have to send the appliance in for repair so that the blade can be replaced.

If you process cumin, always clean the appliance immediately after emptying and do not put it in the dishwasher.

It is best to take a slice of toast and grind it in the bamix® processor/mill. This way you can get rid of the flavour in the processor/mill and you can use the bread crumbs in the kitchen again

This indicates that the drive cam might be defective. This is something we would have to replace. Just send in the appliance.

You should never remove the cutter guard and put it in the dishwasher. You should also never leave the bamix® standing in water. This kind of tarnish is unattractive, but never problematic. The discolouration can be polished away using a scouring sponge and dishwashing liquid.

Ideally you should take a drop of oil and wipe the bamix® processor/mill with a cloth. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

The reason is probably that you have added too little acid (lemon). In this case no bond is formed. Either make a new batch or add a little more acid.

We recommend using level 1 for cream, and you should not move the appliance up and down too fast.

Stains can simply be cleaned with oil - just put a drop of sunflower oil on a cloth and clean. Or you can put a raw potato in the appliance and let it run a little while shaking.

You are probably pressing the pusher with too much pressure or using a bamix® device that is too weak. We recommend that you press more lightly and use a bamix® with an output of more than 180 W.

This only happens if you put it in the dishwasher too often. Clean the lid with warm water only and you will avoid cracks and prevent the lid from getting dull.

This is a bit unattractive and impractical - you can wrap the cable around a long nail or pencil and wait a day. Afterwards, you will have a better spiral cable again. Attention - do not stretch too much!

Then your safety is at risk. Please disconnect immediately from the mains and have the cable replaced by us.

This may occur when pressing with your fingernail. For safety reasons, it is essential that you have it replaced by us. Never press with your fingernail - this way your bamix® will last longer.

Never put the SliceSy® in the dishwasher. It is not advisable to open it. Send it to us and we will replace the mechanism.

Basically yes, but you should then let it dry for at least 2 days before using it again. This is because the plastic absorbs moisture.

A common cause is that it has been working with the SliceSy® for too long, or that the amount being processed is too large. It is also possible that the bamix® being used is simply not powerful enough. Just allow it to cool down - after approx. 20 minutes everything will be fine again.

If this is the case, disconnect the unit from the mains and have it repaired at our specialist workshop.

In this case, the answer is quite simple: we are talking about different motors. bamix® motors are AC motors and provide perfect and full power at the first push of the button. Other devices need a higher power output to even come close to achieving a result, but the torque is often very low and they do not deliver decent performance. The bamix®, on the other hand, has a high-performance motor that achieves top results, even under high resistance. Many devices work with transmission gears. The bamix® has a direct power transmission and is therefore efficient.

Is it merely a justification for the high price? bamix® Made in Switzerland is not a slogan - it is a reflection of the culture. We produce everything in our factory in Mettlen/Thurgau. The plastic and metal parts come from long-term suppliers located within a maximum radius of 100 km. This is how we ensure that our products are 100% Made in Switzerland and we produce sustainably and locally.

In fact, the bamix® is the perfect companion for almost all applications in the kitchen. Get inspired by the countless recipes at !

AttachmentQuantityPreparationLevelTime required


Egg whites
Whole eggs

30 g - 300 g
50 g - 5 l
50 g - 300 g

With only 1 egg white, top up with
hot water until it reaches the centre
of the dome of the cutter guard.


30 s - 2 min
30 s - 2 min
20 s - 1 min


Salad dressings
Mashed potatoes

50 g - 5 l
50 ml - 5 l
300 ml - 2 l
50 g - 1 kg

Put all ingredients in the mug.
Peel the potatoes, add remaining ingredients.


10 s - 1 min
30 s - 2 min
10 s - 1,5 min
20 s - 2 min

Multi-purpose blade

Cooked vegetables
Raw vegetables
Fruit sorbet
Bread doughs

50 g - 1 kg
50 g - 500 g
100 g - 300 g
100 ml - 10 l
100 g - 1 kg


Raw vegetables in 2 cm pieces;
for fruit sorbet, add liquid to the
frozen fruit; for bread, add the flour
little by little to the liquids.


20 s - 1,5 min
30 s - 1,5 min
30 s - 1,5 min
20 s - 2 min
1 min - 5 min

Meat mincer


In 2 cm pieces:

100 g - 300 g
100 g - 300 g

Clean vegetables, add liquid;
remove fat and tendons from meat




30 s - 1 min
40 s - 1,5 mi


Fill up to 2/3



10 s - 1 min


Vegetables, Fruits

Fill up to 2/3

Clean fruits and vegetables, peel them if necessary
and cut them to fit into the top opening;


5 - 10 s per batch

Meat, Fish

Fill up halfway

remove bones, fat or tendons from fish
or meat, cut into 2 cm pieces

230 s - 2 min


Tips & tricks

With your bamix® and the matching attachments you can chop, purée, mix, stir and lightly knead ingredients.

With the bamix® you can grind various ingredients such as spices very finely.

With your bamix®, simply whip, whisk or froth milk.

Grating, cutting slices and grinding is a  piece of cake with your bamix® and the matching attachments.

Simply blend, emulsify or whisk basics such as mayonnaise or mustard with the bamix®.

Lightning-fast preparation of short crust pastry or cake dough with your bamix®.


Discover the exciting world of culinary diversity with bamix®. Tempting delicacies prepared quickly and easily - see for yourself!


By using the handy wall bracket, your bamix® is always close at hand and ready for use; all attachments are safely stored.


Instructions for your bamix® device can be accessed online and downloaded.