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Yoghurt and Passion Fruit Dessert

Yoghurt and Passion Fruit Dessert

10 min
For 6 servings
  • 750 gplain yoghurt
  • 2 tbspsugar
  • 200 mlcream
  • 300 mlmaracuya juice
  • 78 gvanilla sauce powder
  • 6 pcsdessert glasses

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Whip the cream with the bamix® beater until stiff and then mix with the plain yoghurt. Mix in the sugar. Divide the mixture amongst 6 dessert glasses. Mix the passion fruit juice with the vanilla sauce powder using the bamix® whisk and pour over the yoghurt mixture. It is best to chill briefly before serving. It also looks beautiful when alternating layers are poured into the dessert glasses.

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