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Vegan Cheese Fondue

Vegan Cheese Fondue

35 min
For 4 servings
  • 30 gvegan margarine
  • 1 pcgarlic clove
  • 200 mlwhite wines
  • 200 mloat milk
  • 100 mlvegetable stock
  • 30 gyeast flakes
  • 20 gmustard
  • 20 mlcanola oil
  • 50 gcoarse flour
  • 5 gsalt
  • 2,5 gpepper
  • 0,5 gnutmeg
  • 500 gwhite bread
  • 500 ggrapes
  • 200 gportobello mushrooms
  • 150 golives
  • 100 gmixed pickles
  • 400 gsmall potatoes (cooked)

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Peel the garlic clove and chop finely using the bamix® processor. Heat the margarine in a saucepan and briefly sauté the garlic. Deglaze with wine, oat milk and vegetable broth. Then, stir in the yeast flakes, mustard and oil using the bamix® whisk.
Gradually add the flour and continue to stir with the bamix® whisk so that no lumps form. Bring the mixture to the boil and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. If the vegan cheese is too thick, add a little more oat milk. If the mixture is too liquid, stir in more yeast flakes.
Pour the vegan cheese fondue into a fondue pot. Cut the bread into bite-sized pieces. Arrange the remaining ingredients in small bowls around the fondue pot.

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