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45 min
  • 150 gflour
  • 150 gsugar
  • 3 xeggs
  • 3 tbspwater
  • 1 tspbaking powder
  • 250 mlcream
  • 200 gfrozen strawberries
  • 60 gsugar
  • 1 bagwhipped cream stabiliser
  • 2 tbspicing sugar
  • 3 sheetsgelatin
  • 1 pinchlemon zest

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multi-purpose blade
Remove the finished sponge cake from the oven and allow to cool. Cut out circles with a round cookie cutter.
For the cream, first whip the cream until stiff, using the bamix® with the beater attachment; mix in a pack of whipping cream stiffener and a sachet of gelling powder. Now, in another bowl, mix the strawberries (alternatively you can also use raspberries or blueberries) and the lemon zest using the bamix® with the mincer attachment. Add one sachet of gelling powder and stir for one more minute using the bamix® with the mincer attachment. Then mix in the sugar and fold the cream into the mixture.
Brush the biscuit tartlets with the strawberry cream with a spoon. Garnish with some cream, strawberries, powdered sugar or meringue pieces and serve.

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