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60 min
  • 250 ghot peppers
  • 5 xbay leafs
  • 2 xlemons
  • 40 gsalt
  • 1 tbspras el hanout spice blend
  • 400 gchickpeas
  • 1 xlemon
  • 6 tbspolive oil
  • 4 tbsptahin
  • 2 tspras el hanout spice blend
  • 1 tspcumin
  • 1 pinchsalt and pepper
  • 1 kgboned saddle of lamb
  • 2 tbspolive oil
  • 1 pinchsalt and pepper

shopping list

This recipe is on the shopping list for 2 .


meat and vegetable mincer
mug 0.6 l
multi-purpose blade
Wash the chili peppers, cut them lengthwise, remove the seeds and then cut them into strips. Chop, using the bamix® with the meat mincer. Squeeze one lemon. Wash the second lemon with hot water, dry it and cut it into slices. Chop the chili peppers, lemon slices and lemon juice coarsely, using the bamix® with the meat mincer. Add the salt and ras el hanout (consists of 3 tablespoons coriander seeds, 2 tablespoons cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon cardamom seeds, 2 tablespoons black peppercorns, 5 allspice berries, 1 tablespoon turmeric, 1 tablespoon paprika, 1 tablespoon ground ginger, 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon, 2 teaspoons cloves, ½ teaspoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon chili powder) and fill everything into a glass. Cover with bay leaves. Let this blend thoroughly in a warm place for at least 1 day, or even better for 1 week.
Squeeze the lemon. Pour the chickpeas into a sieve, let them drain. Purée the sesame, cumin, ras el hanout, olive oil and chickpeas until creamy, using the bamix® with the mincer; possibly add a little more water. Pulverise together with salt and pepper using the processor and the PowderDisc and then use to season to taste.
Rinse the saddle of lamb, dab dry. Rub the meat with a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Using low heat (180–200 degrees), grill on both sides on the barbecue for a total of about 35 minutes, occasionally turning the meat. Let the finished saddle of lamb rest for 10 minutes, then cut into thin slices. Pluck off some herb leaves. Garnish with hummus and lemon chili pepper paste, and enjoy immediately.

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