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55 min
  • 300 gflour
  • 150 gfrozen raspberries
  • 100 gbutter
  • 100 gsugar
  • 200 mlbuttermilk
  • 2 xeggs
  • 1 pkgbaking powder
  • 1 pkgvanilla sugar
  • 1 pinchsalt
  • 380 gmascarpone
  • 180 graspberries
  • 30 gicing sugar
  • 20 gsugar
  • 20 gcorn starch
  • 100 mlraspberry juice
  • 60 mlcream
  • 1 tsplemon zest

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multi-purpose blade
Preheat the oven to 170 °C. Place paper liners in a muffin tin (12 holes). Sift the flour and baking powder. Separate the eggs. Mix the buttermilk with the raspberries and blend briefly using the bamix® with the mincer attachment. Beat the butter, vanilla sugar, 70 g of the granulated sugar and 1 pinch of salt until frothy using the bamix® and the beater attachment on speed 1.
Gradually add the egg yolk while stirring. Stir in the berry mixture. Whisk the egg whites with the remaining sugar to make a creamy egg white foam using the bamix® and the beater attachment. Stir in half of the egg white foam and the flour, fold in the rest of the egg white foam.
Fill the mixture into the holes and bake in the oven (bottom shelf) for approx. 20 minutes. Take the muffins out of the oven, remove from the tin and let them cool. For the topping, mix the whipping cream with the cornstarch. Bring the raspberry juice and sugar to the boil, stir in the whipped cream and simmer for about 1 minute while stirring. Transfer the mixture and allow to cool. Blend the raspberries using the bamix® and the mincer attachment. Mix the mascarpone with the sugar and lemon zest until smooth using the bamix® whisk, then mix into the raspberry puree. Put the topping into a decorating bag (star-shaped nozzle tip).
Remove the paper liners from the muffins. Cut the muffins horizontally, spread the topping on the bases and top with the raspberries. Put the lid on and press gently. Put the cupcakes in paper liners and serve sprinkled with icing sugar.

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