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5 min

After exercise

  • 280 gwatermelons
  • 6 xice cubes
  • 4 xtomatoes
  • 2 tspcoriander
  • 2 tspchilli flakes
  • 2 tsplemon juice

shopping list

This recipe is on the shopping list for 2 .


meat and vegetable mincer
multi-purpose blade
thermal mug
Remove the seeds from the melon fruit and rinse the coriander. Chop the tomato and coriander in the thermo beaker, using the bamix® with the meat mincer. Mix the other ingredients with the chili pepper, ice cubes and lemon juice in the thermo beaker until the mixture is as smooth as you wish, using the bamix® with the mincer. Enjoy ice-cold.
If you like, you can also purée the melon seeds and the tomato peel. Then the smoothie will have a coarser texture, but an increased fibre content.

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