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Mango smoothie with blueberries

5 min
Mango smoothie with blueberries

Mango smoothie with blueberries

5 min

With Greek yogurt

  • 150 ggreek yoghurt
  • 63 gblueberries
  • 125 mlwater
  • 0,5 xbananas
  • 0,25 xmango
  • 0,25 xlime juice

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meat and vegetable mincer
multi-purpose blade
thermal mug
Peel the mango and the banana. First chop the mango in the thermo beaker, using the bamix® with the meat mincer. Put the mango mousse, banana and other ingredients in the thermo beaker and mix until they are as smooth as you wish to make a smoothie, using the bamix® with the mincer. Done!
Despite their high sugar content, mangoes are very healthy. This is because mangoes are full of vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B1, as well as folic acid. Among other things, these vitamins are important for the immune system and help to protect the cells from the negative effects of stress
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