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30 min
  • 650 gtomatoes
  • 150 gonions
  • 100 mlred wine vinegar
  • 50 gsugar cane
  • 5 xallspice berries
  • 3 xgarlic cloves
  • 1 xcinnamon stick
  • 2 xstar anise
  • 1 xdried chilli
  • 2 tspcorn starch
  • 1 pinchsalt

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meat and vegetable mincer
mug 0.6 l
multi-purpose blade
Wash the tomatoes and cut out the stem tips in a wedge shape. Peel the onions and garlic. Puree everything finely, using the bamix® with the meat mincer attachment. Put the puree in a deep pan or in a saucepan. Add spices, bring to the boil and simmer on low heat without a lid for about 35 minutes, stirring frequently.
Push the puree through a sieve that is not too fine into a second pan. Add the vinegar and sugar. Bring to the boil again and cook for another 10 minutes while stirring. Process the cornstarch in a little cold water using the bamix® with the mincer attachment. Put the cornstarch in the boiling ketchup, let it thicken slightly and boil briefly. Pour into sterilised preserving jars or screw top jars while boiling hot and seal immediately.

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