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30 min
  • 420 gflour
  • 300 gcourgettes
  • 250 gsugar
  • 100 gnuts
  • 250 mloil
  • 1 glassapricot jam
  • 3 xeggs
  • 0,5 tspcinnamon
  • 1 pkgbaking powder
  • 160 gchocolates
  • 120 gbutter

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First, separate the eggs and beat the egg whites into a stiff egg white foam using the bamix® and the beater attachment on speed 1. Then beat the yolk with sugar until very frothy using the bamix® and the whisk attachment. Pour in the oil and beat well again using the bamix® and the whisk attachment. Chop the nuts using the bamix® and the Processor. Grate the courgettes using the bamix® and SliceSy® attachment (coarse setting). We recommend grating one half coarsely and the other half finely. Then add the grated courgettes to the mixture. Now add the baking powder, flour, nuts and cinnamon and at the end carefully mix with the egg white foam.
Spread the mixture over a baking tray, bake at 160 °C for about 30 minutes and then allow to cool well. Finally, the finished cake is coated with apricot jam. Chop the butter and chocolate into smaller pieces and heat in a bowl – stirring constantly so that nothing burns – preferably in a bain-marie. Then cover the cake with the chocolate icing.

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