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Cucumber-pea drink with kefir

5 min
Cucumber-pea drink with kefir

Cucumber-pea drink with kefir

5 min

After exercise

  • 150 mlkefir
  • 50 gcucumbers
  • 50 gfrozen peas
  • 1 tsplemon juice
  • 1 tspsoya sauce
  • 1 splashtabasco

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meat and vegetable mincer
multi-purpose blade
thermal mug
Cut the cucumber into coarse pieces. Put the pieces in the thermo beaker, together with the frozen peas and the kefir, and mix until the mixture is as smooth as you wish, using the bamix® with the mincer. Create the desired texture by adding a little water. Season to taste with lemon juice, soy sauce and Tabasco.
Kefir is considered to be particularly healthy and supports digestion and the immune system. It's rich in protein, vitamins A, D and B and folic acid. It also provides calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine. These are important for bones and teeth, muscles, nerves and the thyroid gland.
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