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Delicate Berry Dream with Meringue

Delicate Berry Dream with Meringue

15 min
For 6 servings

Tip: The preparation should be started early enough so that the berries can defrost.

  • 500 gberries frozen
  • 250 gcurd cheese
  • 250 gplain yoghurt
  • 100 gmeringues
  • 250 mlcream
  • 6 tspbrown sugar
  • 6 pcsdessert glasses

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Coarsely chop the meringues in the bamix® processor. Whip the cream with the bamix® beater until stiff and mix with the curd cheese and plain yoghurt using the bamix® whisk. Depending on the consistency, add a little more yoghurt so that the cream is not too stiff.
Fill 6 dessert glasses in layers. Start with the meringue, then fill in frozen berries. Pour the yoghurt crème on top and sprinkle the meringue crumbs on top again. Finish with the crème and sprinkle with the cane sugar.

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