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Blackberry kefir drink

5 min
Blackberry kefir drink

Blackberry kefir drink

5 min

The vitamin kick

  • 150 mlkefir
  • 100 gblackberries
  • 3 xice cubes
  • 0,5 xlimes
  • 1 tsphoney

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multi-purpose blade
thermal mug
Sort, wash and pat dry the blackberries. Wash and pat dry the lime. Grate some zest and squeeze out the rest.
Mix the blackberries, lime juice, honey, kefir and ice cubes until they are as smooth as you wish, using the bamix® with the mincer. Enjoy ice-cold. Contains probiotics that have a positive influence on the intestinal flora.
Blackberry: The vitamins and minerals it contains ensure healthy eyes, are important for the metabolic functions in the body and protect against cell damage and free radicals.
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