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30 min

From the 7th month, you should add around 10 g of meat or fish, or half an egg per day to your child’s diet.
From the 9th month, your child should eat about 20 g of meat or fish, or half an egg per day.
From the 13th month, your child’s diet should include about 40 g of meat or fish, or one egg per day. (SGE, 2012)

bamix®tipp: All our meals can of course be prepared in larger portions for freezing.

  • 125 gMeat of your choice

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Stew meat in little water at low heat for approx. 30 minutes. Purée with the bamix®. If necessary, add some of the meat water. Cool in water bath. When cold, place in fridge without delay.
Add about 2 table spoons of meat purée to 1 portion of vegetable purée. The remaining meat purée should be used the next day. Do not store for more than 1 day.

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