Working with bamix®

A Swiss quality product.

The speed

As a general rule, always work on speed setting number 2, especially when working with hard kinds of food and large amounts.

Work using speed setting number 1 if the liquid does not entirely cover the safety guard (with  the 4 prongs) and also for all food that has to be light and fluffy, such as whipped cream,  fruit foam, etc.

Drawing up

Rest the bamix®  for a few seconds on the bottom of the jug. Then hold it at an angle and draw  it up slowly against the side  of the jug. When the ingredients no longer are  drawn with the bamix®,  put it back on the bottom and repeat  the process until the ingredients are whipped to the required stiffness.

Wrist movement

While processing, use a light rotating motion from the wrist, draw the bamix®  up a little and  let it fall on the ingredients (do not press or  pound). The fineness of the  result depends on the duration of the processing. 

Tip: Cover the jug with your free hand to  avoid  spilling.


Dip the bamix® at an angle in the ingredients, switch  it on and stir very slowly (remember:  the high speed does the actual  mixing job). Before taking the bamix® out, switch off the appliance to avoid splashes.