• 2019

    Jamie Oliver und bamix® make cooking from scratch easier than ever.

    Combining world-class expertise and a passion for proper food, bamix® of Switzerland and chef Jamie Oliver have joined forces to produce an exclusive immersion stick blender.

    Jamie says: “I'm thrilled to be working with bamix®. This brilliant gadget is always out in our kitchen at home, and I use it for so many things – salsas, dressings, fragrant curry pastes and punchy pestos. It’s a fantastic tool for rattling out fresh, flavour-packed food with minimum fuss - bamix® is in a different league!”

  • 2018

    bamix® introduces 3 new product lines:

    bamix® BBQ line, to attract men to use the bamix® for all around BBQ. Great recipe booklet with rubs, marinades, vinaigrettes, meatball recipes, dips, etc. Very male style images, pure meat and passion for BBQ.

    bamix® toGo, the universal genie for preparing smoothies, protein shakes, coffee kick drinks, cold or hot soups. With a thermo jug and fancy recipe booklet.

    Baking bamix®, the “all in one kitchen machine”. The Superbox with a fantastic cooking booklet with sweet and salty dough for all opportunities.

  • 2017

    bamix® ist present on all social media channels. We continuously publish video clips on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, introducing the bamix® and its amazing versatility. The number of followers is growing from day to day.

    New product lines such as Babyline, Colorline und Luxuryline are successfully exhibited at the „Ambiente“ trade fair in Frankfurt.

  • 2016

    The bamix® Academy is founded in Mettlen - a cooking school and training stage for bamix® customers. 


  • 2015

    The newly built Headquarters for administration and logistics of the Swiss distribution company are inaugurated. Therein the new bamix®-shop offers customers all products of the bamix® range.


  • 2014

    bamix® celebrates its 60 years jubilee with a many activities which get a lot of press coverage.


  • 2010

    Commissioning of the 3rd assembly line. From now on 2000 bamix® per day may be produced.


  • 2009

    Extension of the warehouse and creation of more capacity.

    The Classic model type is launched to extend the bamix® product range.


  • 2006

    bamix® enters the Russian and Chinese markets.

    Gastro II is sold worldwide.

  • 2002

    Mr. Eigenmann starts his activities as the new Mr. bamix®. The corporate policy, centring around the word "quality" and concentration on one product finds a continuation.

    The new attachment SliceSy® is launched with which the bamix® can also slice and grate and thus becomes the all-in-one-kitchen-machine - certainly a milestone in the history of bamix®


  • 1993

    The largest Japanese direct selling company includes bamix® (as their first outside product) in their selling program.


  • 1991

    After very long practical tests in hotel kitchens we launch the "bamix® GASTRO" – a model for professionals which becomes more successful than we had expected.


  • 1990

    UNOLD Gmbh, one of the German sub-distributors takes over the distributorship "retail" for the German market. Thanks to their outstanding efforts the Zauberstab regains its former prominent position in German retail.


  • 1986

    The bamix Processor is launched. This attachment allows the grinding not only of dry but also of wet ingredients.


  • 1983

    The daily production reaches 1'600 bamix® units.


  • 1971

    Walter Bodart buys the plant in Switzerland and all rights for bamix and Zauberstab. Thus ESGE in Mettle becomes the only production plant for bamix. The first step Mr. Bodart takes is to reduce bureaucratic machinery according to his business philosophy: quality above quantity – and – concentration on one product only…. These basics are still in use today.


  • 1963

    The trading company NIPPON ESGE K.K. is founded in Japan.


  • 1960

    ESGE – Export in Glarus and ESGE AG in Mettlen are founded.


  • 1957

    Bodart BV is specialized in selling Kitchen appliances in consumer fairs (they do 60 of these fairs in the Netherlands. In a small fair in Valkenburg/NL they do trial sales. Not only do they sell very well but they also come to realise that the most effective way to convince potential customers of the usefulness of this small but expensive appliance is "life demonstration"!


  • 1954

    Mr. Perrinjaquet sells the patent rights to ESGE who produce the first wand mixers towards the end of this year. 


  • 1950

    The Swiss engineer Roger Perrinjaquet invents an entirely new type of kitchen appliance. On 6th March 1950 he applies for a patent for an "appareil ménager portatif" [hand-held kitchen appliance]. The application describes the worlds first stick (or wand) mixer. He calls the new appliance "bamix", an abbreviation of the French "battre et mixer" (beat and mix)